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Lindsay Lohan paslaptys

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Holivude vienas skandalas gimsta paskui kitą. Po Paris Hilton sensacijų visos kitos IT-girls susigrėbė – o kaip gi aš? Nejaugi mano vietą po saule drumsta debesys? Taigi Lindsay Lohan pradėjo nuosavą PR kompaniją “Pažiūrėkite į MANE”. Jauna pakvaišėlė užsiregistravo Malibu Promises gydymo įstaigoje. Ji turės praeiti 30 dienų gydymo nuo alkoholio ir narkotinių medžiagų priklausomybės kursą. O išleisti ją turi kaip tik pora dienų prieš jos didįjį 21 gimtadienį, kuri aktorė planuoja švęsti Las Vegase.

Kadangi Lindsay yra dėmesio karalienė, visada atsiranda žmonių žinančių daug pikantiškų jos holivudiško gyvenimo detalių. Neseniai atsirado jos buvusio sargybinio atviravimai – ji užpuolė savo narkotikų platintoją už apgavystę, 10 valandų be pertraukos uostė kokainą su draugė Nicole Richie, žalojosi ir bandė nusižudyti, mėgavosi seksu su merginomis.

“I have looked after some of the wildest stars in Hollywood — but never anyone as out of control as Lindsay is,” says Lee, 48.

“She had a total death wish and took more drugs and drank more than anyone I’ve met.

“I lost count of the times I thought she was overdosing and had to carry her out of parties. Every morning I’d breathe a sigh of relief she was still alive.”

Lee spoke out after seeing our pictures of drunken Lindsay last week, pretending to cut a pal’s throat with a kitchen knife.

But any weapon — even a gun — doesn’t faze her if she’s gagging for cocaine. “In April she asked me to take her to her dealer in Beverly Hills. I knew if I refused she’d go alone — so I took her.

“He was waiting for her in some bushes. Suddenly she started screaming and punching him for selling her short.

“He pulled a gun. I got out and he threatened to shoot me unless I got her to back off — but she kept hitting him. Luckily he got distracted and I punched him down.

“I dragged Lindsay into the car and drove off but she was screaming at me to go back. It was like Pulp Fiction. I knew then she was just too dangerous to be around.”

Lee reveals how he often drove Lindsay to join her pal Nicole Richie, 24, for cocaine binges. “Nobody was as wild as Lindsay,” he says. “But Nicole came close. Sometimes Paris Hilton would be there but the most I saw her do was drink and strip.

“One night Lindsay and Nicole were making trip after trip to the bathroom — she wouldn’t snort in front of me because she knew I’d get mad.

“But the more wasted they got the less she cared. In the end they carried in a mirror from the bedroom, laid it on the coffee table and emptied a mountain of coke onto it. They went at the stuff with straws, hoovering it all up then piling more on.

“I tried to tell Lindsay to stop but she just told me it was cool. After ten hours I’d had enough and threatened to throw the mirror out of the window. I had to carry her out to the car.”

But that was no surprise — Lee had been carrying her home since first night he began working for her.

His first job was to take her to a party in Beverly Hills. “She’d been snorting all night,” he recalls. “As soon as they walked into the party she was snorting more.

“She got on the coffee table and danced, flinging her dress above her head, her eyes rolling about all over the place.

“I told the guy providing the drugs to stop and he just said, ‘No way, Lindsay will go berserk’. Then she started screaming at people and swinging her fists around at anyone near her.

“At the start of the night she seemed such a fun-loving, angelic girl but under the influence of drugs she was psychotic. It was 10.30am the next day by the time I carried her to bed.”

And when she wasn’t snorting coke, she was snogging GIRLS.

“She used boys for drugs and girls for thrills,” says Lee. “I lost count of the women she took back to her hotel room from clubs.

“I even saw her try to grope Mariah Carey’s bottom and boobs one night as they danced. One time I went to look for her in a club bathroom and found her in the corner French-kissing a girl.” When she wasn’t snogging them she was just as likely to attack them.

One night, paranoid Lindsay went for blonde actress Jessica Simpson in a club. Lee says: “Jessica was sat with her pals and Lindsay became convinced she was shooting her dirty looks.

“She jumped over the table and dived at Jessica pulling her hair out. I had to pull her off her.”

As Lindsay spiralled more and more out of control she started to self-harm, cutting her wrists with a knife.

“One night I looked at her hands and wrists and noticed they had bright red wounds all over them,” says Lee.

“She tried to tell me she had fallen but when I looked her in the eyes and demanded to know the truth she just broke down.

“She told me, ‘I don’t belong on this planet any more’. She said she cut herself because she did not think life was worth living.

“The pictures in your paper of her fooling with knives show how disturbing her behaviour is.” So do today’s pictures taken of her partying in her messy booze-littered room, half-dressed,looking painfully thin and spaced out.

They emerge just weeks after Lindsay went into rehab for the second time in six months after crashing her Mercedes into a tree.

Lee — who earned £1,500 a week as her bodyguard — is now writing his memoirs about the years he spent minding stars, including Kim Basinger, Brad Pitt, Eddie Murphy, Pamela Anderson, Jamie Foxx and Hollywood’s most infamous drug addict Robert Downey Jnr.

But the minder, who also tells of his adventures on his website, says Lindsay was the biggest handful of all of them.

“I’d never even heard of her when I was asked to do the job. She was only 18 but guarding her was a nightmare and the stress it put me under was unbearable.

“I would pray every night she wouldn’t kill herself on my watch.

“I desperately hope she stops doing drugs but I fear that will only happen when either she kills someone else with her reckless ways — or kills herself.”

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Nuotraukos buvo darytos prieš pirmąjį Lindsay vizitą į kliniką, kur ji gydėsi nuo alkoholizmo. Ant stalų galima pamatyti daugybę butelių ir kitokių protą ir kūną žalojančių medžiagų. Nuotraukose su peiliais kartu su Lindsay Lohan yra ir Vanessa Minnillo (26 metai), garsi MTV TRL vedėja ir Nick Lachey (33 metai,buvęs 98 Degrees dainininkas ir Jessica Simpson buvęs vyras) mergina.

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